Marlena Sigman,  Hand-Letterer

Marlena Sigman, Hand-Letterer


Since discovering family letters written during the civil war, I can't help but study this re-burgeoning art of hand-lettering. A graphic designer by day and hand-letterer by lamp light, I seek inspiration in thrift stores, Newgrass, and—of course—by the grace of pen on paper. I am fortunate enough to live in the small city of Greenville, South Carolina, whose penchant for design can keep any artist inspired. I hope you love these illustrations as much as I love to create them!

I have a passion for art, design, and creating unique and custom pieces for your special occasions. Please do not hesitate to email to learn more.

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I live in the small city of Greenville, South Carolina, whose penchant for design keeps any artist inspired.

A few fun facts: 

I graduated from: Auburn University, with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts

I live off of: strongly-brewed French press coffee 

I dream about: fresh oysters, handmade sushi, and crisp mountain air 

I can't stop: watching British television and throwing theme parties



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